Middle of Week Three since Golden Email


Waiting on Shipping Notice, Got email 2 1/2 weeks ago…expect shipping notice Friday or soon after





It’s been a while, but didn’t things end kind of poorly for those two? :smile:


uh…well look over there… heh


Well, they were shot down* with something laserish, so I guess that makes it ok?

*OMG spoiler


I can only pray a laser puts me out my misery as well, :wink:


I’m on the same time line…dying here!


I don’t think the clock ever moved slower than between the email and the shipping/arrival of the glowforge. Hang in there!


I received my email on the 27th for my Pro and responded immediately. It was late on a Friday so I assume I wasn’t added into their system until the following Monday. This would make this coming Monday 3 weeks with no shipment (proof grade materials have been here for almost two weeks).

I’m on the east coast so it will take a week for mine to ship and with Thanksgiving next week, I feel that I’m probably looking at something closer to 6 weeks for delivery.


I got mine on the 30th.(golden email that is) been bouncing off the walls ever since :slight_smile:


Sounds a lot like waiting for my kids to be born.

The work table is ready. The drawers are full of materials. The fire extinguisher is installed. The ventilation system is ready and I installed an outlet on its own breaker. which is all like preparing the nursery and child-proofing the house.

And with kids and the GF, there isn’t a lot of sleep after either arrive and both will be creating a lot of smells. At least the GF is vented outside! Hopefully there won’t be a lot of crying. LOL.


yeah, you and I were the same day, I am still hoping for something today, even though with the holiday next week it probably won’t ship until after that. I would just love a date, something to say it’s actually coming. I had stopped talking about Glowforge because friends and family rolled there eyes when I did because of the delays over the last two years. I had started talking about it again…just didn’t want to go into Family events with nothing, saying only “it should be soon, but have no idea when, wait why are you rolling your eyes again?”


Me too. Got my email on the 26th. Some lucky folks who got their emails on the 31st already have their units… wish I understood their system.


Lots of whining (the fans), and tears of joy (yours) at the things you make :blush:


Whoop hoo!!!
Got my Pro golden email on the evening of the 25th. I replied within 10 minutes. It shipped on the evening of the 14th. :smile:


Congrats! :grinning:


I’m pretty sure their system involves a dart board of some kind


Three weeks, no shipping notice

Will I get one the week of Thanksgiving, or week four after receiving the golden email?!?



I just got my tracking email. THIS FRIDAY.

October 20th Pro Order.


Did they skip day 20 or something?