Midnight moonshine layered extravaganza


I’ve been wanted to put this piece together for a while now, I go to alot of bluegrass festivals and there always a midnight jam somewhere, well heres my idea of what i hopefully walk into one day…had to split the front panel into two parts ,worked out pretty well with the jugs to cover the cut marks. Shine on


Fantastic! Is this done on Birch ply? Very nice layering, coloring, and design!


The front panel is pg maple and yepp all the other layers are birch,:raised_hands:


Nice piece, love the colors.

Ever been to the shindig in Asheville? So fun!


Awesome! “Get your shine on!” :smile:


This is brilliant! What did you use to colour? I’m colouring a lot of birch ply at the mo and man is it a pain in the … :back: :end:


Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.


Mostly watercolors and ink with some colored pencil added in. Most of my work before the forge was on 1/2 birch, so still getting use to playing around with the 1/8 so i understand the pain the the backside part of it.


My brother lives down there and yepp been to a bunch of little shindigs in that area…fun times!!


Absolutely beautiful piece!


Beautiful work


Really nice job!


Always! Love how the little skulls came out!


Wow! An amazing piece of artwork!


So creative, I’m stunned!


Really incredible design and techniques! I started out with Home Depot Birch Plycarp and never again! I went to Lowes and got their basswood plywood and their oak plywood both are one quarter approximately and I had then cut widthwise 4 20" and a 16" and used the passthrough to get 4 10" wide and one 8" and so ended up with 50 sheets for about 30 dollars. The oak is tough and there is some fill but it is not laser proof like the Birch was.


It’s fabulous! Your work always makes me smile :slight_smile:


This is really neat.


Yah I did the Amazon think it was 30 sheets for 26 …something like that. Gonna try Lowes for the next one


This is awesome! I’m one of the guys who plays banjo in those midnight bluegrass jams, although I’m not nearly as handsome as your banjo picker!