Might get a visit from the ATF for this photo

This week I have been printing a ton on my UNIZ Slash SLA printer, and if you aren’t familiar with SLA you need to cure the part in a “UV oven” post printing. While many folks just use a fingernail polish curing box, those provide small quantities of UV light, and the slash does not work at the traditional 405nm wavelength but rather 395nm. So I decided to build my own high-power curing box. Starting with a virgin pain can, I obtained a 30W 30VDC 395nm LED panel with lens and integral cooling (this thing gets insanely hot). I was going to drill the lid and then use a hole punch to cut though for the lens, and then said “Hey, I have a Glowforge!”. I decided :proofgrade: maple would be good, since the resin ends up dripping on everything and this way with the finish it would be easier to clean. I used wood rather than acrylic since I wanted it to be opaque at UV to protect me (this is super bright). So it turns out a paint can lid is 6.25 inches in diameter and the little rim underneath is 0.25" thick. So a couple of circles later and some CA glue. And we are curing! And amazingly the UV light shines pretty well through the plywood!

Eventually I will put a small battery powered turntable on the bottom with a mirror and I have 395nm LED strips to wrap around the inside of the can.

This isn’t suspicious looking at all…


I’m sure you’ve thought of this already, but maybe line the bottom of the wood lid with heavy duty Al foil to block the UV.


Looks like iron Man chest prototype reactor

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Nice work Henry, very resourceful. How is the price on that resin?

Got a product link for that LED? Almost every LED I’ve seen has lied about the wavelength, coming in way more purple than UV, I’d be interested to see how this one stacks up.

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Sounds rather unpleasant, whatever it is! :wink:


If you have to ask you can’t afford it ($70/500ml). Their castable was one is $150/500ml!!!


Autocorrect shenanigans :flushed:

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Okay, I’m just going to quit complaining about the price of nylon for my FDM printer now.


I do most of my printing in Taulman3D nylon 910. It gets pricey in quantity!


910 is becoming more and more my go to as I get better with it but I’ll bet you use at least 100x as much. Dirt gets expensive in large enough quantities. :smile: