Military Deployment Countdown

I didn’t get this finished in time for Veteran’s Day, but it’s never too late to support our military families.

It 's designed to be made with 1/8" birch and takes a little more than a single board. I used used pre-painted boards because it’s easier than painting after the fact.

The file is available at There’s a version for Mommy too. It will be available by the weekend.


This is similar to the military’s “Short Timer” calendar. You might want to add a couple of other versions for PCS (permanent change of station) and ETS (Expiration term of service).
When I was in the military, there are dozens of different short timer calendars that we used for when we were about a year out of moving to our next unit or getting out of the service. Oh and don’t forget, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, best friend, etc. :upside_down_face:


That is just beautiful!

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Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve already added husband, wife, brother, sister, daughter and son!

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Looks great. Love the Stars and Stripes.

What a great idea!

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