Milk Typography Cut in a 5mm thick white acrylic!


Hi there!

How sweet was watching the GF pass through the 5mm thick acrylic in one pass! Mesmerising!

I hope u guys like the design!



That’s a nice logotype you’ve created there. Having cut some clear 5mm acrylic in one pass this week I found the bottom edge had a slight burr - did yours suffer from this?


I always create it with Illustrator, if needed, before I do a bit adjustments with Photoshop before sending it to Illustrator! So I pretty much cut, score and engrave vectors so I don’t ’ Get any incorrect values withing the Jpg/png file!
Also, I use Astute clean path to make sure the file is as clean as possible!


Me too, I’m an Illustrator veteran (from around the 1988 issue). Never heard of Astute though! Coming from a world before Macs, my artwork is seriously clean, no superfluous points to be found :smile:


Kkk everyday we must learn something new! :blush: my grandma always said: “you are never too young to teach something new and you are never too old to learn something new” :wink:

Have a look, Astute has a nice plugins for Illustrator !

Take care!




Looks good enough to drink!


Thanks so much for the “heads-up” on Astute Graphics plugins. Though a tad expensive, I’m trying the 14 day trial of Vector FirstAid and Vector Scribe. They are amazing!

As I’m making the transition from a Photoshop/InDesign background to Illustrator for the Glowforge, these plugins are quite helpful.


Where are the Oreo’s to go with it?:grinning:


They are amazing and a time saver when working with many designs !


Looks creamy! :grinning: