Millennium Falcon Clock just

Just had to make this for a friend


I’m working on a trivet just like this.

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I’ve got this on my list of things to do for my son too; although I might steal it :slight_smile:

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Turned out great! Your friend will love it! :grinning:

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Great, but don’t get cocky kid.


I’ve done a couple out of PG Cherry Ply. I’ve got one hanging in my office. I got the long (6"?) hands from Hobby Lobby (the standard hands seemed too short & they have long straight simple ones I like with the space theme). They’re black but if you flip them over you can still use them and the other side is white which I like against the cherry.

But it’s funny that you mount it with the nacelle up - I mounted mine rotated 90 degrees. It seemed like that was the “right” orientation. Interesting the way our heads work and decide which end is up :slight_smile:


Nice one!

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I think it depends on whether the ship is attacking or retreating. :laughing:

Nice clock!


This is how mine looks. I like the large white hands (kept the black side out for the second hand).

It’s hanging a little crooked on the wall. Chewie is probably driving. :grinning:


Where did you find the file for this? I’d love to make one for my nephew.

Thank you very much!


Yessss! So cool