Minature Lighted Picture Box

I’ve been envisioning a multi-material mix since I ordered my Glowforge so very long ago…

The original idea was to build a lighted picture box for a forest scene with an etched acrylic front panel to add depth. However before embarking on that, I wanted to test out making the entire frame and artwork on the Glowforge and thus started to make some 2x2 boxes which have turned out to be entirely cool, particularly when you you light them up - still working on all the little extra cuts needed to run wires…


That is just adorable! :blush:

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Wow you put a works in and a watch band and it is small enough to be a watch!

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Really nice! Well done!

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I like this.

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This is wonderful!

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Nice work man :sunglasses:
I might have used a nice veneer for that, it’s such a cool expression.


Cuuuuute! :grinning:


This was just the first sample which I did in the draft board. Planning to do in cherry hardwood next as the final proof and then likely set something up to sell.


Love it!

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Would you mind telling me about the inside electrical stuff? I see a battery there, but would like to know what else is inside, please.

Actually that battery was there just to provide a size comparison.

3V 2032 disc battery
3mm 3.4V LED
4 prong dip switch (couldn’t find a 2 prong one)

Ends up being pretty simple

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Thank you!

Here’s my 3 sample boxes in Maple hardwood. Think I need to create a better image for the Space Needle, though do like the minimalism of it.


That space needle Looks like it wold make a really great deep engrave as well.{maybe in thick Acrylic with the light :smile:)

oops looking harder I see you did that…

Oh, I think the trees are my favorite. Very cool works!

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