Mini Acoustic Guitar Christmas Ornament :D

So my initial thought was, "I’ll just shrink down my other guitar design and make a cool tree ornament quickly!

Seems that wasn’t the case, as the original guitar file was like 6 layers, and that simply won’t shrink down to a 4" design! So I figured if I could get the 6 layers down to 2 for the guitar, plus one extra layer for the frame, it would be possible…

Half a day later I think I found the sweet spot between simplicity and a realistic looking guitar, and am really happy with how cute it is.

Its 4 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide.

Get it here if you’re interested, it is a very quick and easy build, since the etching creates the dark area’s that typically would need stained. These glue together in like 2 minutes.


Nicely done.

Appreciate it :slight_smile:

Those are lovely! I especially like the transition between engraved and counter-engraved on the strings :slight_smile:

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When I first viewed it ——I thought it was a watch. It is very nice and creative.

how much do they weigh?

I agree, I think you hit “the sweet spot” between realism and simplicity. This would look great on the tree. Nice work.

Nice addition to your offerings! Of course we expect to see the whole set of instruments now. :laughing:

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Cute idea!

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Cool idea, I love how you have done the strings in particular.

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Thanks awebs <3

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this is awesome!!!

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Ty :slight_smile:

It’s a fun, quick build that looks pretty cool on a tree.