Mini Arcade cabinet


Hi do anyone knows any place where I can get any mini Arcade cabinet svg files or any Help so I can make one

Help again

Instructables? Thingiverse?

Thats where I would look.

“Mini Arcade Cabinet laser cutter” would be a good google, as would “Mini Arcade cabinet CNC”.

Chances are there are simple plans out there that you could adapt.


Couple minutes of googling yielded this…

Good jumping off point. There are probably others and better ones out there.


Thank you


This one looks good too.

Hm crap, another project to add to the list.


Thank you again that one looks nice


No problem. Thingiverse is an amazing resource.

BTW the way I found this was by going onto thingiverse and searching for “laser arcade”. This helped filter out the 3d printed models that are on there.




I got this cdr from thingiverse thanks to evansd2 and i convert it to svg and i want to know if someone can help me please get it the right size so i can make one


This will get you pretty far:


There was another cabinet posted. I thought there were cutfiles, but can’t find them.


Thank you any idea where i can get the svg for that Arcade ?


I don’t think the second one is available. Did you get the one you downloaded converted to the size you want? This one?


Thank you


You can copy the individual parts for that one onto new SVG files and cut it out at that size.


Thank you so much:+1: