Mini Crate File for premium memberships Missing 1 & 2?

I just grabbed a bunch of new designs that have been added since I went into the catalog last. I was super excited for the milk crates and shelf. When I added it to my dashboard it only added 3) and 4) . I’m missing the first two which would be my crates. Did anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you get the other 2 parts?

Thank you!


I was going to delete and add it back again but it won’t let me delete them. I can only rename them. (3 and 4 is all I have access to)

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My dashboard is showing all 4 parts. You might want to contact support if you didn’t get all 4 parts.


You will definitely want to contact Support and let them know…it just did exactly the same thing on my Dashboard. Only parts 3 and 4 show up. Can’t delete them either.

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Same with me, too. Only 3 & 4.

I just made this. There is only one acrylic file for the crates (which makes 3). If you want more crates you just reuse the acrylic file to make as many as you want. There was one piece missing which was one piece f (so just cut an extra one of those. Don’t mask your acrylic or you will be spending hours weeding it off (ask me how I know), lol. The milk crates fit together very snuggly so you will definitely need a small mallet or hammer. Pound gently or the acrylic will crack. This was a fun project with good sized crates.

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Neither one of the files that I got (3 & 4) has the crate on them.

Oh sorry. Yes I 've had this happen with other files. Glowforge will fix, sometimes just takes a while. No rhyme or reason why all the files load for some and not for others.

Yeah, that’s a bummer. I hope they fix it. The crates are the reason I downloaded the file. My wife loved the crates!

The crates are awesome and they will fix it, just could take up to two weeks, so be patient. Like I said they are extremely tight fitting so no glue required, but go gentle on putting them together. I broke one piece off and had to glue, and still managed to crack another one even though I was tapping lightly. I think you will love the finished design though!

2 weeks? Thats ridiculous in my mind. I needed them asap once I saw them for something and now its just the waiting game I guess.
Will they just show up in my dashboard sometime?

When did you send them to your dashboard? Today? I wonder if it’s just today that there’s an issue (unless yours was from a different day)

Thats a long term estimate, can be way shorter. They will let you know.

I did mine today

The crates are in the first of four files, the one for acrylic. When these four files are added to the Dashoard, they may not be together. I had to search for this one.
mini crate

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Thanks for the tip, but my search didn’t find it. :frowning_face:

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Hoping they fix the glitch quickly for you.

Thanks. Yeah, hopefully!

I tried doing a search for a keyword on them. I wish there was a way to restart the transfer or to delete and then retry to see if it was just a glitch yesterday

Have any of you gotten access to the other files, yet? 1 or 2?