Mini Crate file missing a piece?

So today I was making the new mini crate w/shelf file in Premium. There is supposed to be 3 pieces of part “E,” but there are only 2. I put the zoom down to 50% so I could see the whole cutting area, but there are still only 2 pieces. (The third piece, the one on the left, is actually part “F.”) Can someone please put that third “E” in the design? I hadn’t realized it wasn’t there until I went into the Instructions for putting it together and saw that it showed three.

I went to do the next page (4. Medium Plywood)… on a new screen, as I thought I could just copy and paste one of the E’s from the other page. That didn’t work. I thought you could just copy and paste from other files (providing they are the right format) right onto the Dashboard, especially if it was another GF file. Wrong? Because my board was slightly smaller, I had found it necessary to rearrange the pieces for file #3.

I tried to “reset design,” which didn’t do anything except give me a blank screen. Thank you Search function! @jules had posted;

“Delete the design you added from the file until there is nothing in it. Go back to the Dashboard and then reopen the empty file. Then use the Reset button. It won’t restore it if there is anything else in there.”

I did that and the original file was restored. Thanks @jules! You rock!!


Fantastic! I’d forgotten about that one, I’m surprised it still works! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What am I missing? The instructions show 3 F’s and 1 E.

@dklgood, if you look at the drawing, the F has a little bit longer, more rounded peg in the middle than the E does. But either way, when I pulled it up, it still only has 3 pieces and not 4.

@Jules, well it certainly does work, and I am so thankful I found your answer! It saved me from looking stupid and asking a question that the answer was already posted for. :grinning:


Oops!! It is missing a piece! I’m the creator and I submitted it like that (I went back and opened my original and I see it was my mistake). I’m not sure how I missed adding that in there. I’m going to guess Glowforge can add it, but if I need to resubmit it with the piece, I will gladly!
I’m so sorry. I’m glad you noticed and I hope it didn’t cause trouble for a bunch of people. Whoops.


I was able to work around it, but glad you or someone can fix it to make it easier. I’ve made the cabinet, now to make the crates!


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