Mini Furniture


I think I like the flatter look better anyway. (Little bit more uniform.) :grinning::+1:


I tried making some tiny books last night. The covers need some kind of finish on them so the print doesn’t flake when you fold them, but for the battered collection of Agatha Christie paperbacks it makes them look kind of beat up and realistic, I think!


Your miniatures are really making me smile. When I was a child, my grandmother used to make really amazing miniatures by hand and, I remain fascinated by them to this day.


I don’t have a banana handy, so here’s one with my fingers instead:


image image image image image


They’re making me smile, too. :slight_smile: This was my first weekend without my granddaughter, and I needed something to throw myself into. For 9 years she’s either lived in the same house or within a few miles of me, and we’ve spent at least one day a week together. Now she lives 2000 miles away, and we can’t follow until November, so I’m feeling a little lost. Making stuff helps keep me sane!


After you finish the furnishings, you need to whip out one of those Victorian Wedding Cake houses on the Glowie. :grinning:

(Then you can give it to her when you see her in November.)


Yeah, they look truly fabulous, but are they comfortable to sit in?


Now you get to do miniature de-cluttering! (a mini Marie Kondo?)


They would be, for a 1/12th scale human! I don’t like mini furniture that isn’t authentic. I want it as much as possible so a miniature person could actually use it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (The books, not so much. My printer isn’t that good!)


I really should be doing the full-size version of that, in preparation for our move. I actually bought her book, but so far it isn’t helping. I guess I might have to actually READ it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:frowning: Our only Granddaughter lives just a mile away I can’t Imagine not having her near. At least November will come sooner than you think it will.


You miniature chairs reminded me of a table set that my Dad made years ago. He was a hobbyist woodworker too and was always looking to build something. He decided to make his card table in 1/12th miniature. I am happy that I was able to keep both.


Wow, that’s beautiful! I want to make things like that!


Thanks, He made lots of things but very few miniatures. As I look at them today I can see he must have put a in lot of time to make four identical chairs and table.


Wow, wow and did I say wow…that is so amazing. Looks so awesome.


Fabulous fun! So adorable!


I love these! Are they the same scales as your concrete blocks? A college coffee table is just a plank away!


Yeah, pretty sure the concrete blocks are also 1/12 scale…maybe now I have an excuse to buy some! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, no! That’s really too bad for both of you. :frowning: