Mini-Maker Fairs

@dan - I was just thinking that (once I get my GlowForge) you might want to consider allowing (sponsoring) individuals willing to bring their GF to these events to help spread the word. Just an “early” idea to start thinking about. I would assume that you would attend the Large Maker Fairs but there are more and more Mini Fares poping up that might be easier for local GF community members to cover. Maybe a “sponsorship” of some kind :smile: I am hitting one this weekend at my local Barnes & Noble and if I had a GF right now, they would love to see it.




I’m planning on attending a Mini-Maker Fair at my local Barnes and Nobles this weekend too! My kids, wife, and I are excited, even if there won’t be any lasers there. If there were some Glow Forges around, that would make it even cooler.

We have one in Ottawa this weekend as well, but not at a Barnes and Nobles.

While this sounds like a cool idea, from a business perspective, Glowforge would need assurance that anyone representing the company and their product is able to speak knowledgeably and accurately as to what the product is, what it does, what it can’t do, etc.

While word-of-mouth PR from all Glowforge owners is great, owners are not in my opinion qualified to speak authoritatively on behalf of the company and their product. Otherwise, you’d have Glowforge dealing with potential customers attesting to information they were provided from a non-employee, and things could get a little hairy.

I agree and this is why I suggested it as an “early” idea for GF to think about. There would need to be a script or training and guidelines and ultimately, they may decide it is not worth the risks but this product and the Maker Community fit very nicely together.

I think it is worthy of some exploration as a concept

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Very cool idea! We’d love to see people bring their GFs to Maker Faires and more…

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@dan - you might also want to consider maintaining a database of owners who are willing to do demos for prospective new customers. The manufacturer of my CNC mill does that and I’ve done several demos for folks.


That makes perfect sense. cc @bailey @Tony

@angrysquare It would be relatively easy to require a disclaimer displayed and to offer enablement for folks wanting to do a demo. Talking points, common FAQs, misconceptions, Do’s and Don’ts when speaking about our product, and a list of easy/common project ideas for different audiences.