Mini Makerfaire Action!


Sorry it’s taken me a few days to tell y’all about my booth at the Midcoast Mini Makerfaire in Camden, Maine last Saturday. First off here was the view across from the tent.

I got there and took me a bit to set up the booth which included the :glowforge: including a vent chimney , my IMac, a 39" TV, a prize giveaway table and a “made on the Glowforge” section. I set everything up and tried to connect to the event’s wifi and it was weak! My computer barely connected, I tried getting the GF to set up but it I couldn’t find the GF wifi signal in my network connections! Oh No! It was about 10 min til go time, what would I do!? Well I jumped on the forum and posted my issue in Help &I Support hoping for an angel to be waiting for my crisis, thanks to @jrnelson and others for responding so quickly reminding me to push the button down until I get the turquoise glow (wifi signal send). Phew! You guys are the best! But lo and behold the Wifi signal at the Faire was too weak and it kept kicking me. So about 30-45min after the show started I decided I needed to just use my phone as a mobile hotspot for both my comp and :glowforge: . Well it worked! I was up and running, after I was open for business I didn’t have time to come up for air. I decided to make 1.5" wooden coins out of :proofgrade: Medium Maple Ply with my “Jonny Makes” logo and IG name on one side and a fresh canvas for the peeps on the opposite side. I had a line of kids and parents the whole time! For about 2.5 - 3 hours straight I was watching a line of peeps slowly moving up to the :glowforge: and me with their drawings in hand. During this time I switched between a “How lasers work” video and the GFUI on the TV so those in line could see what was happening. I answered tons of questions from parents and kids alike and the best was about 4 people who came up and said “This is it! They are real!” about the :glowforge: :laughing: they were amazed to see one in the wild. Kids and grown ups were all enamored by this machine and had tons of questions and wanted to know how much and all the features. Next time I’m paying someone to take pictures and video (or set up GoPros around the booth) of these events because between me not being able to take a break and my phone being used for a hotspot I wasn’t able to take pictures but my wife and one of the volunteers were able to snap a few. Oh btw, it started to downpour and I had to pull my tables into the tent more but eventually had to shut down and we offered to send the coins to the remaining people in line.
Things I learned:

  1. Be early than normal to check wifi signal :laughing:
  2. Set up cameras or have someone take pics and video
  3. Have a relief person on the comp so I can present better and breathe.

Overall it was a great Makerfaire. Fun times.


Awwwww, so glad you had a great day. And what a view! My favorite photo is the one of the kid grinning from ear to ear while looking down at the GF.

I hope you passed out your referral code!


Looks like it was a great day!!!


Looks like a lot of fun, Wifi signal notwithstanding. :grinning:




I thought they stopped that?! If not…craaaaaaap there were at least 5 people seriously interested and I directed them to the website.


Sorry for the pics being out of order. I forgot to mention about the guy that wanted to know where to get :proofgrade: material to use in his Epilog. When I told him the info of the store open only for people who have units, he looked like he was gonna cry :laughing:


Pretty sure @dan said that they are continuing the referral program for now, with credit going to the store instead of towards your purchase price. It was not totally clear if that applied to folks who had already received their unit, but that is how I parsed it.

From the September Update:


Wow, that looks like you were really busy and everyone was having fun! Congratulations on all the excitement!


Hm. Having already received my unit, but having no referrals, I would be surprised if they would want to cut me a $100 check, were I to get a referral now. I would happily take the $125 in proofgrade credit. Then again, one of the only people who I know that might use my code is currently setting up orders to buy lasered stuff from me… and that goes well, it will come out to a decidedly more than $125.


I wish I could have made it up last weekend. We were at a wedding Labor Day weekend at Point Lookout.


Great!! hey, sounds like a wonderful 1st experience! Valuable education. Good job, and thanks for sharing the inspiration!


so how did your exhaust work? weren’t you going to run a tall stovepipe? or am i remembering someone else?


Thinking it worked well as he mentioned using it but didn’t mention any issues. You can see it in the back of the 3rd picture - tall white pipe. I’m using his idea for the local mini-MakerFaire here next month.


The exhaust worked fantastic! I hooked the Flexible dryer hose up to a 4" to 6" reducer into a 6" tee then 6’ of stovepipe coming up from that. The flex was only stretched out about 5 feet and the fan in the :glowforge: was plenty strong to push it out the entire length of the set up.


I’m so excited for you! Great work!


Thanks Dan!