Mini Makerfaire Seattle edition 2017

Okay, for those of us who couldn’t go…you guys need to be posting some pics and video links here so I can see what I missed.

Come on. Spill 'em. It’s a wiki. :wink:

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I went, but did not take pics.

Saw a Pro in action, doing an engrave of the cartoonish airplane we’ve seen before. So many of the videos are time lapse, I was actually a little surprised that the head speed was almost sedate :blush:

The employee at the post was also weeding an owl light switch cover. The eyes had been engraved and all the rest of the detail was done as scores. I love the so clean lines of the scores.

Met @dan briefly. And I enjoyed the presentation @dan and @shell did.


It was fairly busy and really hard to get a good view of the screens in action. I ended up posting a picture of the counter, managed to leave my tickets to chris rock and got a sample printing of a small puzzle from a picture I drew. I will say that the camera feature worked pretty good, although you have to some times tweak it by filling in the empty space. The design and machine that it originally started on was having issues , but although the image was loaded on one machines interface that address could not be saved and just reloaded onto another machine, it had to be re-scanned. So the save feature is not working yet. None of the machines had the air filter, so I am not sure how it would work in an indoor environment, which was one of the things that I was interested in. What I hope will happen down the road is that they will have training classes especially for people in the Seattle area (maybe online for the rest of the users) and that they will have a small number of replacement parts (like the printer head, maybe air filters etc) that do not require factory installation locally. It was a small taste of what is to come, so I am still excited about it.


Scored two free tickets from Glowforge and originally was just going to bring the kids but when I said Dick’s Drive-in for lunch suddenly my wife wanted to go too! :grinning:

We arrived in time for the Glowforge presentation and got to hear Dan’s spiel but Shell really stole the show with her design on the spot of some artwork for a bracelet and earrings. She incorporated wood, acrylic and leather to produce the design. Wish I could have gotten photos of that.

Here’s Dan and Shell at the presentation:

I was really hoping to meet some other forum members at the presentation and had my hand up to try to ask the question who was here from the forum but never got the chance. Would have been fun to meet some of you and put faces to the names on here.

Afterwards we went to the Glowforge booth to check it out and I got to chat a little with Bailey and Karin while my daughter went to the long line to try to design something on the machine. Here’s what she came up with:

Finally I took a couple of photos of a couple of the many amazing items that were on the table for display. Sorry I didn’t get more but I’m looking forward to the engraving and plan on making a bathymetric of a lake my father loved to fish at in Northern British Columbia so that’s what you get:

This was really cool to see in person and way more impressive than a 2D photo can show.

Bathymetric Map

I didn’t realize it at the time but I found out that a lot of the items for display were from Jules. They were awesome! Thanks Jules!

I really wanted to go so my kids would get a chance to see what this laser I have been talking about for so long really was and hopefully get them engaged. I was excited that we left there to walk to Dick’s with my daughter and my wife talking about what they were looking forward to making when it finally arrives. My wife came away with plans for Christmas presents this year for her staff at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Crossing my fingers as I ordered my Pro on 10/23/2015.


Looks like a fun visit–thanks for the trip report!

I was also very impressed by the glowforge plaque engraving.

Thanks for the report. Fun to see the team in real life. But man, the Glowforge looks huge on that desk by Shell.

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I know what everyone’s really watching when I’m jabbering on. :slight_smile:

Indeed @jules sent us some awesome prints that took a place of honor on our display.

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Speaking of which, shouldn’t you be prepping for tomorrow? :smile: A lot of us will be vying for front row seats. :slight_smile:

I’m on the plane with my family! Finally some time to catch up on the forum while my son plays R-Type on my phone.


The weather’s great back here. You’ll love it.

Figured you might have been hanging out in a hotel room looking for something interesting to occupy your time :slight_smile:

BTW, head out to Lombardi’s while you’re in the city (or Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn) for the best pizza in the world outside of New Haven. :wink:

My brother lives in New Haven so I’ll have to test that out!

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Frank Pepe’s - world’s best! :slight_smile: Grimaldi’s at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge is a pretty close second. Lombardi’s is where Frank learned how to make pizza in a coal oven in the 1910s :slight_smile: (Sally’s - Frank’s cousin’s place was sold and it’s not the same anymore.) If you can get to Pepe’s when The Spot is open (back of the parking lot), go there instead. That’s Frank’s original place and the original oven - 100 years of pies baked on those stones.

Pepe’s Pizza is what convinced me to learn to design & build my own wood fired pizza oven.

BTW, there’s a great Italian bakery next door that has the best cookies - they still use lard in an age when fats are verboten :smiley: Nothing else makes a flaky italian cookie like lard.

Next to that is Bill Clinton’s favorite pizza place from when he was at Yale. It serves that really awful thick crust Sicilian stuff. :scream: