Mini Makers Faire 2017 Seattle

So I have tickets for the Seattle makers faire in Seattle tomorrow and just a thank you to GF. Hope to see the basic GF in action


Lucky you! Enjoy! :grinning:


I’ll miss everyone there this year!
I’m attending the Portland Mini Maker Faire and delivering 3D printed prosthetic hands for the e-NABLE booth. Hopefully next year I’ll have a booth there for my lasered stuff, no time this year.


I’ll be there with my son and daughter as well. Hopefully We’ll get to meet some of you from the forum tomorrow. Thanks for the free tickets!!



So glad you could make it!

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I also got to go courtesy of glowforge. :slight_smile: Many thanks to @bailey and @dan for making that possible. It was great to see all the people interacting with and enjoying the glowforges (and being able to brag about mine and show off some of my stuff). I’ve got a huge list of inspiration to follow up on and many project ideas to bring together.


(late to reply but!) - you are so welcome! Thank you for coming!

Hope you got your backup to work for NYMF… think about offering classes for us locals on the GF interface

Well, I have an old Navy buddy living up on Orcas Island I have been meaning to visit, and Glowforge HQ lies directly in the path between he and I. I understand a visit is by appointment only, but don’t be surprised if you see some old guy with his hands cupped around his eyes peering in the windows.
You probably get a few of those a week.