Mini Super Computer made with Glowforge!

Wow, really nice! :slight_smile: Well done!

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A very cool 3D puzzle! You could sell it as one.

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Good idea

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I just finished the video of the in-depth build:


I could have used this as a training tool back in my IT days, when I was trying to keep salesmen from selling misconfigured computer systems.

Although then I wouldn’t be able to experience the pride I feel when I remember I was able to invent infinitely extendable software logic that could catch all their mistakes before allowing the sale to be finalized…still, what a most excellent desk toy!!!


One of the first large-scale AI applications way back in the early 80s was one developed by DEC for exactly that purpose. There were so many possible configurations possible for VAX machines that salesmen would spec out mutually exclusive components & boards or miss including dependent ones when something was included. So then they’d have to tell the customer the order details was wrong and (usually) it would cost more. Took a lot of time going back & forth between the manufacturing configurators and the customers and caused ill feelings by customers who thought they were getting post-sales nickel and dimed.

DEC created an AI rules-based configurator because of the number of rules and dependencies required, even the limited number of corporate configurators couldn’t keep up.

Of course that didn’t keep DEC from getting swept under the PC bus :slightly_smiling_face:


I just figured out where the design for the original Glowforge exhaust screen came from ! :thinking:

Like those 1930s radios a great exercise in nostalgia :joy: :+1: