Minimum/Maximum Unit Storage Temperatures

Hi there!
I was wondering: Are there were minimum/maximum recommended storage temperatures for the Glowforge unit?
My studio can get a bit cold in the winter and I do NOT want to damgae my unit (that I just bought last night! - wOOt!)

Better add to that any issues with condensation as the unit cools/heats quickly. The fans should help if they are spinning I think.

Any word from the Engineers? This is a pretty big concern for me - Thanks!

We haven’t done testing yet to measure the range of allowable extremes.

any updates to this @dan – office is in my basement in North Dakota – so the temps will be around 50 degrees in the area that will house the glowforge.

I’m hoping anything above freezing will be OK. Some of the places where my GF might live also get down into the 50s. (Heck, my basement just got out of the 50s)