Minor Bugs in the UI (and general feedback)

I didn’t search extensively, but couldn’t find mention of this anywhere else so thought to list them here and see if anyone has solutions.

:lemon:Copy-Paste then Move Bug

The cursor will very often select the copied and not the pasted objects, which is very annoying. Especially when I’m trying to make a row of multiple of the same objects.

Example: I have object A and want to make a second one. I copy object A (control+C) then paste (control+V). I mouse over, left-click, and drag the copy, object B. However, the UI selects the object A instead.
Occurrence: basically any time I have to copy-paste-drag things, since several weeks/months ago
Workaround 1: Mouse over emptiness to de-select A, then carefully mouse over only the parts of B that aren’t on top of A, left-click drag as normal.
Workaround 2: Use the keyboard arrow keys to move object B right after pasting it, then use the mouse to left-click and drag faster.

:lemon:Upload fail error

I upload an svg file, and they usually take a few seconds. Sometimes, the UI is stuck loading it for minutes.

Example: I create an svg file (and I’ve uploaded several hundred of the same type before with no issue) and use the upload button within an existing file to upload. It hangs for several minutes and doesn’t load.
Occurrence: About 1 in 5 upload since about 1-2 weeks ago (around the update with new pro/trial system?)
Workaround 1: If the upload hangs for longer than 30s, kill the upload and try again. Subsequent successful attempt takes like 3 seconds to load.

:lemon:Too many uploads spoil the file

Example: I uploaded perhaps 10-20 individual svg files into one design library space. Opened it up again a few days/weeks later, and half of the files are gone, perhaps returned to a previous save state?
Occurrence: Happened to 2-3 large design workspaces (10-20+ files), but several months ago (so this bug may be too old to hunt and fix)
Workaround 1: Put less designs in one workspace (I did this because I rarely print them more than once every couple months, and they all belonged to the same category.)

:lemon: And some minor gripes from the new update (some of which have been mentioned before):

  • No system to organize or sort the Design Library (I would like to have folders)
  • Now recently edited files show up in the most recent squares (before, only files that have been recently uploaded to renamed jumped to the top) which has killed my method of organizing things
  • Need two clicks to upload something within a file due to the new UI

:peach: Sorry for the negativity, I still love my machine and Glowforge is excellent! Also, this is my workaround for finding files fast/organizing my files:

  • control+F file names in the Design Library is live again (it was gone for a time, but I just checked and it’s back ><) - currently the best way to pull up something without organizing files/order/filters. Rename your files something smart and you will be able to find them over and over again!
  • make your own webpage and link to the specific design files? (tempting but a lot of work)
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Thanks for your detailed report, and I’m sorry you’ve been running into trouble.

Unexpected Copy and Paste Behavior

We’re seeing this, too, and the team is looking into it. I’m sorry I don’t have any further details at this time.

Upload Hanging

In order to investigate further, I’ll need just a bit more information. Could you please let me know (to your best recollection) the date and time this happened last, and provide us with one of the files that exhibited this trouble? You mentioned that this has happened with multiple files, but there may be shared characteristics with the affected files, and having one as an example would be useful to help us reproduce the trouble.

Too Many Uploads

We haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior. If this happens again could you please let us know the date and time when it occurred, and the URL of the design it happened to?

Thank you for taking the time to share your other feedback. I’ve passed it on to the team.

Upload Hanging
Has not happened recently. Maybe it was a file thing or browser cookie thing.

Too Many Uploads
I don’t think I can remember when this occurred since it’s been a long time. I can try to force it to happen again by uploading all the files into 1 design again though.

Thanks for following up. We’ll keep the “Too Many Uploads” investigation open in case you do run into that behavior again. I’m going to close this thread for now, but if you have any more details of an exact date and time occurrence you can email us at support@glowforge.com and we’ll pick right up where we left off. I hope things have been working a bit better for you!