Minor Feature Request: tab notification


I often have the forum open in one tab and the GFUI open in another tab (in chrome).

I’m not sure of the correct term for the little number that appears in the tab when there has been new activity (I think of it as a tab notification).


It would be very nice to have a tab notification for the GFUI tab… specifically for when “preparing design” has finished and it is Ready To Print.

this is not a terribly important thing, but it would help me out; especially with more complex designs that take a while to process, that I want to run asap, and that I don’t want t have to babysit while it processes.

(my glowforge is on the other side of the room, so I don’t see the glowing button if I am concentrated on my screens)


Would love to second this. :glowforge: in same room or different, if you are trying to do several things at once, you can be sitting there with the :glowforge: ready to go and oblivious.


While everyone else is asking for cake and ice-cream you came up with a very good idea. Yes please!


I don’t know about @jbv, but I’m not actually very big on cake and ice cream. (Not even much of a meat and potatoes kinda guy as I eschew potatoes most of the time.)


Not big on metaphor either I see. :smile:


I can take it or leave it. Sometime doing a literal interpretation of a metaphor creates for very fun conversation.


I don’t have my :glowforge: yet but I can totally see that being helpful. @dan should add it to the hopper :slight_smile:


Not a huge fan of traditional cakes, but love the cakes that come in “pan”-form… so now your post has me wanting to make some of these, topped with some ice sour cream…


Even showing current status in the title would be useful, including the countdown timer


And we’re off! At least it was the OP that derailed the thread :grinning:


Back on topic. I agree with this request.


Good idea man!


So I just noticed on the engrave menu both default light and dark options say “Expiring soon”. Is this a warning of impending changes?


(i just saw this)




NO NUMBERS, please. I’d much rather have 3D engraving than the countdown being shown in the tab title.


I’m sure we’d have all kinds of opinions on that, but some kind of status indicator would rock.


sounds like 3D engraving is rolling out within the week.


It’s possible to do both, you know.


I hope so! 3D engraving was part of the original campaign and I think they’re going to find that a lot of customers will be mad if they take it away and replace it with a bunch of confusing numbers in the tab title.