Mirror Acrylic quote, is it too much?

Getting quoted locally for $268 for gold mirror, 4’x8’ sheet. What do you guys think? (Can also cut it to size for an additional $25.)

Almost always a bargain to get full sheets of anything.
You get about 20 useful chunks out of a full sheet, so up to you.

4 -> 20x48 pieces = 16 full size 12x20
1 16x48 left over for another 4 short board of 12x16.

With wood I have had them sized to 19ish. Like 19.5 or 19.75. Then cut them to 12" myself. Just makes it easier to take to the truck and no cost at home depot, etc.
Easier to stick a slightly short board in there than one that is slightly long.

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Works out to $16.75 per full sized sheet if you cut it yourself. $18.31/ sheet if you have them cut it up for you. (Not including any local taxes.) But you will get a few extra scrap bits out of the deal.

It’s a slightly higher price than the thick Proofgrade, but a badly higher price than the medium proofgrade, so it really depends on the thickness as to whether it’s a good deal or not. If it’s 1/4" material, it’s okay. If it’s 1/8" material, I’d shop around a little more. :slightly_smiling_face:


Inventables mirrored (one side, silver, 1/8" thick) acrylic is $16.49 per 12x24" sheet, plus shipping, if that’s of any help. (I didn’t go through the ordering process to see what shipping would cost.)


So my cost for silver is ~$180, which means that I am getting an almost $80 discount. I think I will go ahead and buy it by the 4’x8’ sheet! Thank you guys. :slight_smile:

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