Mirror Stuck

Wanted to clean our GF today for the first time, tried to get the mirror on the top of the print head out, but it is completely jammed in there. Will not budge. So we gave up and put everything back together and now it won’t engrave or cut anything. Really annoyed… any way to get it out?!

When you remove the mirror, VERY carefully pull it out at a 45° angle. Do not pull it straight up because there is foam in there that will tear if you force it.

And do not try to print anything again until you have it seated correctly. The beam can be deflected into the head damaging it.

(Might be a good idea after you remove it to inspect the interior of the head carefully, take a couple of photos, and show support.)

I’d love to very carefully pull it out… it won’t budge. In any direction. I’ve seen the videos of people doing it and it just comes out so easy. It won’t budge.

Can you take a photo of the top with the lid off so I can take a look? Just drag and drop the pic onto a new line in your reply to upload it here.

Tore the foam trying to get it out enough to be useless so took it off completely… we’ve never taken this mirror out before. Only been using it a few days.

Yeah, unfortunately the damage might already have been done if the mirror got melted into the plastic. (Possibly happened before you tried to remove it, if the mirror was positioned wrong to start with.)

Unfortunately, that has required a trip in for repair in the past, since the machine has to be recalibrated. So you might want to wrap your head around the idea of a delay now. Support is going to have to give you any further instructions after they have made arrangements with the repair facility for you. And I’m sorry, but you don’t want to try to use it again. Just unplug it and wait to hear from them. :frowning:

Yeah thats what I was afraid of… ARGH…

When you remove the printer head and remove the lens from the bottom what does it look like inside looking up at the mirror? could you send a picture of that if you get a chance?

Got a reply from GF within a few hours - they are sending a new mirror and gave instructions to pop it out from the bottom. Took a whole lot of force, but finally poked it out. Re-attached to the nob with E6000 and tested a GOGM… worked! Now I’m trying to calibrate but it’s not completing… printing is about 3" off center!

I see you already emailed us about this and we took care of you there, so I’m going to close this topic.