Mirrored Acrylic Mountain Shelf


I’ve been inspired by something very similar online! If I’m not wrong, it’s on Pinterest!

Here is my version of it!

I Hope you like it.




Nicely executed!

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That is really nice.
I love the sense of scale that it gives with some very simple cuts and scores(?)

Looking at it again, I realise in the first photo, what I thought was a score across a white mountain, was in fact a mirror with a separate ‘ice’ crown ?

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There might be folks who take exception to saying that anything is “on” Pinterest since it is just an aggregation of pins and bookmarks of items that host the actual file(s) or item of interest, which in turn could be a link to something else.

Pinterest can serve as a highlight for an artist, but it also can be a disservice since unless one clicks through to the original posting, the artist might never get credit for it.

Nevertheless, it is a nice idea.


In could hardly bear another mountain but you got two of them! Very nice!

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What’s the material for the mirror part? Is it something that’s laser-cuttable?

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It’s Mirrored Acrylic! Yes! All cut with the Glowforge! :blush:

Very nicely done

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