Mirrored Acrylic?

Can I cut mirrored acrylic or will that cause reflection?

I have cut and engraved it with no problem as have others.

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Per Glowforge, mirrored acrylic is non-reflective to the Glowforge laser beam and will cut just the same as normal acrylic.


Acrylic seems to work fine. Some plastics even block UV light, but none I have used yet seemed to matter (other than extruded wanting to slag and melt, that is).

However, I tried some mirrored card stock once, and could hardly touch it. I finally turned it over and could cut from non-reflective back, but looked fairly burnt with char on edges when done.

You could always mask the reflective card stock and it should work fine.

I think it’s Infrared that matters to the GF’s CO2 laser.

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You are correct.

Like other CO2 lasers, the Glowforge beam is in the infrared frequency (~10,600 nm).