Mirrored Acrylics

Looking for an array of mirrored acrylics for a huge project I’m working on. Anyone have a supplier they’re willing to share? I’m in California. Please let me know!!! Urgency is high on this one. Thanks in advance everyone!

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Depending on where you are in CA: TAP Plastics often has them in stock…and if not their turnaround is often just a day or two

Search is your friend…



No need for a new thread, luckily the forum has a long memory.


Here are two I have used.


Where in CA? Find your local plastics shop and they will set you up.

I just picked a 3’x3’ piece of gold mirrored acrylic out of the cutoff bin at ePlastics in San Diego, so I’m pretty sure they carry it.

Thanks everyone! Super helpful!!!

Hi I am trying to decide which of these two to use for a project…JP or Inventables. Do you prefer one over the other? The 12x24 sheets from Inventables are $10 less. Thanks in advance for an insight!

They’re both good sources. I’d go for the $10 cheaper one. :slight_smile: