Mirrored Plexi

Can anyone cut mirrored plexiglass and if so, did you add a protective layer to the backside (the gray side) while cutting? And if the answer is yes, what material did you use?

I have successfully cut mirrored acrylic without putting masking on the back. Also, this section of the forum is for problems with the function of the Glowforge. I am going to move this to the Everything Else category .


When you say masking, is that masking tape? That would be a lot on a large piece!

Paper Masking tape…aka: Vinyl Transfer tape - looks like this:


What Jules showed. It’s a really fat roll of masking tape, but better paper. :grin:

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thank you!

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Mirrored acrylic has always been a pain for me to cut. I cut it shiny side down and don’t mask the back typically.

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