I found out you can blast the reflective coating off the back of a mirror square. Then you can paint whatever color you want there.

My brother just got his old Trans Am back in working condition, here’s something I did to commemorate that.


Great detail!

I wonder if one could find a spot in the interior to put a little acrylic plaque, “handbuilt by” - hide it in the glove box and let him find it when he’s looking for that proof of insurance :wink:


Great guy gift idea! (Always looking for them.) :grinning:

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What a great technique! I’ve seen where folks etched off the back of mirrors, but the acrylic paint infill is a new twist that looks great.


Very nice!

Jig your mirror so you can put it in & take it out without messing up the alignment. Then do one color at a time - start with the darkest and end with the lightest. Engrave, paint, dry, engrave the next color thing you want, paint, dry, repeat.

In the end the back will be painted the lightest color but because you go dark to light you won’t get color bleed or fade as you do your different color layers. You can get lots of colors in an image this way (or as many as you have patience for :slightly_smiling_face:).