Misaligned engraving

Hi all. 1st, sorry for asking a question that may have been answered already. I promise I did search. So what I need help with is my image appearing to be lined up in the app/on the screen but when engraving actually occured, it was way off. What could be causing this?

Are you using set focus? The camera has to focus on the material. If you’ve placed your artwork before you do that, it will shift and not be where you thought it would. Using set focus before you place your artwork focuses to the material you have so when you place your design, it will be near the place you intended it to be.


I did use set focus but I could have very well did it wrong. But I will do it the way you mentioned when I get a new piece of material. Thank you so much

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If you are engraving on an item that must be perfectly aligned, using a jig is the way to go. Other situations do not require a jig, but require an understanding of the set focus tool and the overall alignment of your machine. Many of us have very precise machines, but others struggle to get within the 1/4" tolerance that are the Glowforge specs. Before embarking on another major project, I suggest becoming more familiar with the behavior of the lid camera, the placement tool, the set focus tool and your individual machine.


It’s possible the shiny black material befuddled the set focus. (Clear acrylic can cause focus issues as well.) I always put a small piece of masking in a place that isn’t being engraved and make sure to use that when using set focus. And to be doubly safe, you can do a very light score at full speed with a power of 4 or 5 on a piece of masking to make sure it’s hitting exactly where you want. (It won’t mark the material at that power.) I just add a little circle or something and put it over the middle of my engraving, and then use that for lightly marking the tape. (But you have to remember to remove the shape when you’re ready for the actual engraving!)


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