Misalignment in lasercut preview vs. end result?

So I have had this laser and used it without problem in my school for hours with no issues. However I created this file:

However it ended up looking like this:

This is more off than have ever seen it. l also I am unsure why certain parts are moving, they all have the same color line. The only part that is being scored are the vertical beams on the connect four face to help lineup when glueing. But rectangles are being like moved and such. I just cleaned the camera before this.

What is going on haha?? Im very perplexed.

Uh-oh! Looks to me like the head didn’t start from the home position (upper lefthand corner) so the relative position got lost. It sliced up the tray at the front.

Did the laser arm get moved forward (by hand) while the machine was on? Possibly while you (or someone else) was putting the sheet in, or taking one out?

The other mis-alignments could have happened when the head bumped into the front. so that might all be related.

Maybe just make it a point to turn the machine off and let it re-do the startup calibration between students. It would be impossible to catch it every time if multiple people use the machine.

To test it, turn the machine off, move the head back to the home position, then let it run through the complete start-up calibration again. (I put a piece of painter’s tape on the side of the tray to mark where the home position is so I can catch it if I leave it in the wrong spot. It’s pretty easy to do.)


ohhhh YES, I did move it by hand haha, i didnt realize that was a thing that effected it, interesting. I will try again.


Hey there @cooperl,

Thanks for reaching out to us. It looks like Jules has the answer here. Thanks @Jules!

Were you able to try another print? How did it turn out?

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Hi @cooperl It’s been a while since we saw any activity, so I’ll go ahead and close this thread. If you run into any further trouble, feel free to start a new thread, or write us at support@glowforge.com. We’ll be here to help. Thanks!

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