Miss match in measurements

Hi All i have just had a issue that i have not seen before can some one help please.
OK I am using ink scape and a i have a measurement miss match. I will keep it simple if a draw a rectangle in ink scape 70mm length and 18mm high then put it into the glow forge app it comes out 74mm by 19mm ??? any ideas
I have been drawing boxes and other intricate thigs wit ink scape and not had an issue. All of a sudden this happens. I’m lost

My best guess is that you’re exporting to an SVG file and the DPI setting is incorrect. Make sure Inkscape is set to use 96 DPI.

Here are three possible solutions. Any of them should work.

  • Set Inkscape to use 96 DPI rather than 90 DPI. (Version 0.92 and later should default to 96 DPI, but it could have gotten changed.)
  • Make the document exactly 20 inches wide and 12 inches tall. When the Glowforge software imports a file with this aspect ratio it ignores its default DPI assumptions.
  • Export to PDF rather than SVG. PDF uses real-world units rather than the pixel units that SVG usually uses.

Magic thanks tim1724.
I just did a test and closed ink scape down. then reopened it and drew a rectangle 70 x 20 mm. i then cut it and its smack on well taking into account the kerf its smack on. ?

sorry i did the test before you replied so not sure whats going on

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