Missing a box in shipment

I just picked my my glowforge from a UPS Store. It came in 2 boxes as per my E-mail from glowforge: "
Here’s your master tracking number for both packages. For details about each package, select the triangle next to “Packages in this Shipment (Total Packages: 2)” at the bottom of the UPS tracking page. 1z8494v24240259552"

I picked up 2 packages - one with the proof grade materials (nothing else), and one with the glowforge itself - but not one with the crumb tray, or the hose or power cord or anything else that is supposed to come in that box.

It’s not unusual for the crumb tray box to come a day or two before or after the GF itself. (the proofgrade materials ships from a separate facility, so that’s on its own timeline entirely)

That tracking number is just for the GF. The Proofgrade material would have had its own, and the crumb tray box would have had its own too.

I only received one “master tracking number for both packages” and I got 2 packages… but it sounds like there should have been 3?

I think most people (myself included) get one tracking number that covers both the GF and the crumb tray.

I don’t know anything about “master tracking” numbers as I received 3 numbers - one for each box. (this was in Sept/Oct) But my GUESS would be that if there was one for 2 packages, it’d be for the GF in one box and the crumb tray box as the other, since they ship from the same facility. The fact that you got the GF and the PG materials on the same day is coincidence since the GF (and try) ship from CA and the PG ships from the midwest.

If you are signed up for UPS My Choice you should be able to go in and see your 3 tracking numbers. When I track the number you gave, it doesn’t say anything on that page about 2 packages or it being a master number. But if you go into UPS My Choice, I’d think that would give you more info.

Yeah, the UPS tracking looks different from mine. Very weird. The bottom of my tracking page includes an extra section with “Packages in this Shipment (Total Packages: 2)” and details on each, which yours clearly doesn’t have.

Yea. mine doesn’t show that, and never did. I Called the UPS store to double check that there wasn’t anything else and there isn’t. The good news is that I got the big expensive hard to ship part.

If you check the tracking numbers on the boxes you’re likely to find one that doesn’t match either of the two numbers you have - the PG. That comes from Modus not GF.

There should be two boxes for the GF and there are two numbers although because they’re part of the same shipment people usually only use the first one as a “master” number. My bet is the UPS guy gave you 2 boxes your name was on and did not check the tracking numbers for both to see that you only got half of the two parcel shipment and another shipment altogether. Check the numbers and you’ll see the one that’s for the second GF box and ask for that one.

You have 3 packages total.

Two from the plant in California (crumbtray box and Glowforge box); one from Tennessee (Proofgrade).

The 2 Glowforge boxes will appear to be under 1 tracking number - it’s a master tracking number though. If you look at it from a web interface, it will give individual tracking numbers for each Glowforge box. From the app, you have to drill down somewhere.

More than likely, the Proofgrade being there at the same time was coincidence and the crumbtray box is a day or so behind. Sometimes they get split up in transit.

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Definately don’t have 2 tracking numbers, and all the number I have says is that it was delivered (Which it was) . The two boxes I did get have different numbers, I assumed that had to do with the master number. If the E-mail from Glowforge just said 3 packages instead of 2 that would have made life a lot easier (though without individual tracking numbers I would have still gone down expecting all 3)

I’m so sorry that you didn’t receive your Accessory Kit. We’ve followed up in the email you sent us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.