Missing catalog items advertised on the website

Is anyone else missing some of the items that are advertised on the front page? For example, the Kipp leather satchel doesn’t show up in my catalog, but is still advertised on the front page.

Yes, all of us. They have not loaded all of the options into the catalog yet.

Did they say why? We are coming up on 8? months now since delivery.

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Takes time to write up the instructions for non-pros. Screen shots, assembly instructions, etc. That doesn’t happen overnight.

That doesn’t quite track though Jules. It might take an intern a day to do each one, but we are talking less than a man month even if you doubled the time it takes for everything advertised.

Have you looked at the instructions for those things? They’ve got screen shots, assembly instructions. I don’t know how many of those you have written, I’ve done some in the past - they take time.

Also, I imagine they are not the highest priority at the moment, so they might not have anyone available to devote the time to it.

Either way, pure speculation…we get it when we get it. :wink:


Yea I have done things like this before and it is time consuming. I’m frustrated since I want to make that Kip bag…

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Yeah, it is pretty cool. :smile:

So three things.

  1. I seriously get how you want to make it.
  2. I know how much a leather strap (belt blank) costs and it eats up a good chunk of the $58 material cost, unless you cut your own, which leads me to probably the only relevant point.
  3. The largest piece of thick leather in the glowforge shop is 12x20 and is $30. If the largest piece of the bag fits inside 12x20 (and it just may), the strap is in two parts so it may also fit under the 20" constraint, but I don’t see the front, back, flap cover and all the bits and pieces fitting on two pieces of proofgrade leather. Add in the leather dye and fittings and the cost estimate is optimistic.

No reason you can’t buy your own shoulder, side, whatever, I think the price is still optimistic for a generic glowforge owner (not implying you’re generic), but the point of the catalog is primarily proofgrade materials + glowforge = project fun. With this item, and some others, they may be trying to figure out how to escape the corner they painted themselves into.

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yeah, the materials cost on that bag are really low. there are three large pieces of material, as well as at least four medium size pieces. and i’m sure each of those large pieces will take up most of a 12x20. maybe you could get a large and a medium on a 12x20, but that’s still 3+ 12x20 sheets, which at that price already has you at $90, not including the strap, the hardware, and any other misc materials.

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