Missing Christmas item

Family tree rather than a baby gift for a neighbor. PG Medium Basswood Plywood on PG Medium Cherry Plywood. Design purchased through Silhouette Design Store:

I had received the Misti Corners for a Christmas gift, but realized today that I didn’t get the L ruler. Rather than getting one sent, I made my own. Two directions:

Made the owl lightswitch cover from Glowforge for a Christmas gift. Bigger than I expected. :slight_smile:


I know exactly what you are talking about! And it’s very useful, I’m glad you could make the missing one. (I might have to make an opposite facing one myself–thanks for the idea!

Oh, and very nice family tree!

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I engraved the numbers, scored the marks on the back side, and cut out of medium clear acrylic:
Misti L Ruler - Final Misti L Ruler


Perfect, thanks!

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I actually thought about you, knowing you use the Misti. I think it will be nice to have both directions.

Thanks … I love the trees, this is my third one I’ve made. Different number of hearts on each file, of course.