Missing Compact Filter From My Order and Support Is Completely Unresponsive

So I ordered my Glowforge Plus + Compact Filter on 10/21 but have yet to receive my compact filter. My order details show it was shipped with the same tracking # that everything else was shipped with but it did not arrive with my started pack + my plus unit. I’ve spoken with Fedex and they confirmed that only 2 boxes were attached to that tracking number and it was the 2 boxes I picked up at my local Fedex Office (Starter Pack + GF Plus Unit). I have emailed support and heard nothing back and even Tweeted about it. GF Twitter responded and said to DM them. I DM’d them last week after a day or so of no response I sent a screenshot of my order and roughly 4 days later…nothing. I absolutely love my Glowforge but having to hang the hose out of my side door running it over the top of my machine is getting old. This is especially annoying considering I paid nearly $1,000 for the filter to avoid a situation such as this but I have nothing to show for it. It’s incredibly disheartening that support doesn’t really seem to care when I i feel like a situation such as this should be labeled as one of the top priorities of the support team. Regardless, I need some sort of solution to this problem as this is not a good start to my relationship with a company I thought would be incredible to work with…very disappointing!

They are going to respond to your emails as soon as they have researched the status of your compact filter. Since those ship from a different source than the machines, they might come at slightly different times. (They don’t tell people that up front and it causes a lot of unnecessary anxiety.)

On the other hand, since they didn’t ship it, it does have to be tracked down. That can take some time so try to be patient.

This post opened another ticket for you, so on the off chance that they missed your emails and DMs, they will see it here. They’ll get back to you when they have the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Oh and you might want to delete the personal information you have showing on the order image in your post.)


You just opened a new support ticket by posting here, so they should be along soon – hang in there!


I appreciate it man im sure they’re trying it’s just frustrating having the use the machine the way I currently have to when I paid to not have to lol. I’m hoping they come through and fix it all for me, thanks for the reply! Also, so frustrated I missed the address and what not in my pic haha thanks for pointing that out :+1:

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Since much of the first set-up stuff in done in filter-eating MDF, you would do well to get that out of the way before the filter arrives in any case.


While you’re waiting, please read the posts on the filter. Laser filters fill up fast and are best used when you only have no option. If you’re cutting non-resinous hardwoods and/or acrylic it’ll last for quite a while, but things like draftboard can fill up the entire cartridge in a day or two. You’re likely to want to figure out a longer term setup for the venting outdoors.

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Hi @1776strong,

My sincerest apologies you still haven’t received your Compact Filter. We’re working on getting you the tracking number for that as quickly as we can. I’ve followed up with you in email, so I’m going to close this thread.