Missing designs (premium)

I know a while back that one for the premium monthly designs was a retro diner bird feeder. I know at one point it was 'My designs" so I could create it at some point as well as another “Board Game” file. They are no longer in my files and when I go back to the catalog they now cost to download. Has anyone else have this issue or was the design for premium members for a certain amount of time. I was hoping to met one today as a gift.
So disappointed I can no longer make it without charging me.

If I understand correctly the Design of the Month continues to be free as long as you grabbed it during that month. The bird feeder, for example, I “purchased” in July for $0.00, and now when I go to the catalog page, the price is crossed out and it says “Open My Design”, so I can still access it for free.

I even have the receipt e-mail that says “GLOWFORGE PREMIUM MEMBERS GET THIS MONTH’S FEATURED DESIGN FOR FREE. IT’S YOURS TO KEEP FOREVER.” If you also have that receipt, it would presumably apply for your situation as well.


Shoot, I must have not grabbed it. I went back to my purchases and it’s not there, but I swear I did.

Did you look in the Free Laser Designs category? You are not allowed to sell the finished product but you can make them for yourself or to give them away.

chris1 is correct! The Design of the Month is only free the month they are released.