Missing detail

Looking for some input on why this is lacking detail… Sorry I’m fairly new to this Glowforge stuff. Its Mahogany wood and I did all of my measurements after removing the honeycomb tray. This was just a normal JPEG picture that was imported into the Glowforge app. I did full speed and 80 percent power. Lines per cm was 90 and I did four passes. Was hoping to have a little more detail along the “Ribbon portion” and the “Top crown” of the crest as circled. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and FYI, I used a scrap piece of wood which had a a little stain on it which is what you are seeing at the bottom of the crest.

Thanks !


Did you mask it? Sometimes for very fine details, the laser won’t completely penetrate masking.

If so, try lasering it without the masking. (Looks good though!)

I did mask it so I will try another run without masking it. Do my settings look good though ?

I think they’re fine…you’re getting nice dark engraves. (You can always go up one setting on the Lines per CM if you want to try a deeper engrave, but that might char a bit, so maybe just a small test square to see how deep it goes.)

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Looks like Sapele wood, one of my favorites. Your engraving will look fabulous on some of that with a couple coats of polyurethane. :grinning: