Missing Glowforge

Has anyone received a non canned response in regards to their Glowforge not arriving or even shipping prior to Christmas?
We have been told December 23 for delivery since we ordered it back on the 13th.
Every time we have emailed or messaged Glowforge they say they are looking into it but our status still stays un fulfilled and I yet see promotional posts saying you can order the Plus that is in stick now. There is no reason that it should take two weeks for an in stock item to ship.

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This is non-canned…
In general, the dates they list in the individual accounts are a target shipping date, not a promised delivery date. Glowforge has an algorithm that calculates the best guess for when your machine will be ready for shipping based on how the factory is doing at the moment, so it’s a little “loose”.

In times of high demand (like now, right before Christmas) I’d add at least a couple of extra weeks to the target date.

And sign up for UPS MyChoice as soon as you possibly can. It’s free, and they will get the shipping notification from the factory before Glowforge sees it, and notify you immediately that it’s coming.

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Then the marketing needs to reflect as such. I ordered with a promise of delivery before Christmas. This was meant to be a gift for my wife and the extreme lack of customer service of this company has me second guessing my purchase.
How can they not update me with a better shipping/delivery estimate then a pre canned date.
I have the fedex app with notifications but a label hasn’t so much as been printed. I have been told it should ship no more than 10 days after I ordered and now we are at 12.
Expecting me to add “weeks” onto the suggested delivery date is unacceptable and horrible business practice.


Did you order it through Amazon? (They actually do stock a few of the plusses and they will list it as out-of-stock (I think) when they actually run out.)

But other than that, they’re building them as fast as they can. I’ll be happy to tell your wife what a good choice you made :wink: and I hope you get the notice soon…but yeah, it’s pretty rough to have nothing under the tree. Hopefully she’ll be just as thrilled when it comes. (One heck of a gift!)

(Oh and sign up for UPS notifications too…that might be the shipper that the factory uses.)


I too experienced the same thing. I ordered mine on Dec 8…and couldn’t get any response. So I tried to get an update, but all I could find out is that they have no idea when it would ship. So I canceled my order and ordered a laser from a different company. I already got the shipping tracking on that one. Good luck.

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I placed my order on 12/8 and have an “estimated delivery date” of 12/20/2019 (it still says this). I got a response from someone at Glowforge a couple of days ago who informed me that my order would be shipping by 12/30…which is 4 days from now. Let’s see if they blow this “estimated date” as well.

Glowforge really needs to hire someone to design a REAL order tracking system for them. This is crazy.

Lots of delayed GFs this month. Not sure what went on with communication but it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when someone offers a Christmas delivery and falls through with no notice. You are perfectly justified in being annoyed. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t take any stock in the ship date until you get the FedEx notification (@Jules, they seem to exclusively ship FedEx these days).

The good news is that your wife can make some incredible stuff with her GF. She may just need to be a bit more patient. It’s a great time to read through the forum, practice using her chosen design software, and shop for fun things to laser. That way she can jump right into making once it arrives.



I am so sorry for the wait to receive your Glowforge. I see that you emailed us and our team is currently looking into the issue there. I’ll be closing out this thread, but we’ll be in touch via email shortly.