Missing lens tool, lens wipes


Hi!! I received my GF finally, YAY!! and the 2 other packages as well. However I wasn’t able to fin the lens tool and lens wipes anywhere, is this part of what will be shipped later?

Thank you!


those should have been in there, and support will hook you up if they are totally MIA… but take a glance around the inside of the machine; there was a post earlier from someone whose wipes had somehow gotten wedged up next to the coolant reservoir, inside the GF.


Not sure, but I think they are under the foam inside the machine. You can check the unpacking instructions by clicking on the Support button in the Glowforge app.


Mine were in the foam at the rear, where the power cord is shipped.


Mine too!


There are lens wipes? Time to go dig around my machine!


Wow. I almost couldn’t find them. I spy with my little eye…lens wipes! Can you see them?

Hint- here’s a finger pointing at them.

I would’ve never known I even got any with my unit had I not read this thread.


Wow…that’s pretty lame! They should be packaging all small items like those…and the lens removal tool, and any other small stuff in a bag all their own. Even a sandwich bag would work!


I have to admit, you made me look inside my :glowforge: for hidden surprises and I’ve had mine since July!


My lens wipes came inside the big white foam block. But perhaps I should go digging for treasure inside my Glowforge!


The lens remover was in a little ziplock bag smaller than the lens wipes. I guess they stayed put in the styrofoam. @rhenley, I’m glad I’ve only had mine since the weekend! It does look like it may have been blocking a fan, so I’m glad I didn’t run it long with those hidden back there.


Thank you!!


Thank you :smiley: found them!


Thank you for the help everyone. @danielarega I’m glad you found them.

When your Glowforge ships, the lens tool, lens wipes, printer head, and power cord will all be located inside the rear foam block within your Glowforge! For Pro users, your Pro Glasses will be stored safely there for shipment as well.