Missing package

I emailed this morning at 9 am central and as it’s Friday before the end of the week I would love to hear back about my missing package. I waited 2 months in back order (totally understandable) and have waited 2 weeks for my machine to arrive. I finally got the actual machine but the accessory box seems to be lost. I asked Glowforge to submit a claim yesterday and was told “it’s on it’s way.” No, respectfully it’s lost. I contacted my local UPS warehouse yesterday and today and they have assured me it is to be considered lost. I really need that box, as you know without the power cord my new $2000 machine is a brick. Can I get another accessory box shipped to me? I was hoping to have that part of the issue resolved by the end of business today as I emailed at 9 am. But, I haven’t heard anything. I now have to wait another weekend without a working machine. Please help!

That sucks, The frustration of being so close is real.

If you’re dying to get started, the power cord is just a standard grounded computer power cord. You will have to prop things up since you don’t have the crumbtray yet either, but if you have one of those cords lying around you can definitely get setup and start some projects.


cable is the same as the computer /desktop tower pretty much but without a crumtray and material you are screwed

I disagree, depends on what you want to create. Engraving cutting boards, for example. Even cutting can be done if you put a waste sheet under the project material.

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Yes, you are right, but when you are new to the whole GF thing it is not as easy as for you or me that (I am guessing) have been doing it for a while

Perhaps, but better than thinking one is at a total standstill until the missing package is tracked down.

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I’m so sorry your accessory kit was lost on its way to you, kirstendschueler. I’ve just sent you an email to resolve this, so I’m going to close this topic.