Missing Power Cord

I was so excited about my machine and was planning to make some Christmas gifts for the last few people on my list but my GF didn’t come with a Power cord. I already emailed support but was wondering if I can use the one that came with the filter?

Use any good power cord that comes with computers, like the filter one.


And if you are willing to brave the big box stores this time of year… you should be able to pick one up at walmart… best buy… etc. :slight_smile:


Double check inside the unit–when I got mine I thought it was missing, too, but it was inside the unit itself. Also double check all the packaging, in case it was stuck in between some of the foam pieces!

I looked everywhere. The only one I got was for the filter. :sleepy:

Silly question but did you receive the smaller, second box with the crumb tray and sample materials? My power cord was in there.

Yeah :frowning_face:, I got the materials and crumb tray with the filter hose and clamps. Setup says the cord should’ve been there too, but it wasn’t.

I’m so sorry you did not receive a power cable with your Glowforge!

I see that you emailed in about this as well and we are working on it there so I am going to close this thread. If you have any other questions please feel free to start a new thread or email us at support@gmail.com.