Missing proofgrade matirial and head is hitting on right side when turn on

I received my gf basic on Tuesday it didn’t come with proofgrade matirial. I received two box one with tray and one with GF. Now second problem is that when I turn on during calibration the laser head was bumping/ scratching aginist right side wall and want finish calibration so as other suggested I turn it off and moved the head beck and and left side and did the test print and make sure the head dont have to go far right. What do I need to do to recalibrate and making sure that it wants bump agin to the right side wall and does any one else had issue with missing proofgrade matirial?
Also intend them email yesterday in morning but no response yet.

Regarding calibration, the only way to force recalibration is to power off and back on. It will recalibrate every time it turns on.

As far as that calibration: it’s taking a picture of the bed to try and determine the head location, then moves the head, and fine tunes it from there until it’s centered under the camera.

There are some things that can confuse the head detection algorithm, such as having material loaded that has holes in it that could be confused for the head, or strong light entering the machine which can cast off shadows.

Are either of those a possibility?

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Your proofgrade will come in a separate box.

Also, for future reference posting here opens a ticket, and sending an email opens a ticket - so you probably have 2 that they’ll merge in which case they’ll close this one and respond to your email. If you didn’t get the auto-response email then possibly your email got lost, but check your spam filters (or add @glowforge.com) to your whitelist, because they send a lot of emails they sometimes get marked as spam

When I talk to the rap he said I should receive two box one with printer and one with tray and proofgrade matirial. I did recive two box one with printer and second with crumb tray, power cable, exhaust pipe and clamp. Would pleas give me tracing number for proofgrade material?

@deirdrebeth is not a Glowforge employee - just another forum member who has been here a long time & was trying to help with an answer since Glowforge Support can take several days before getting to this ticket to answer you.

Your best bet now is to wait for an employee response (it should say Staff under their avatar).

Thanks I figure that out i didnt meant to direct my q @deirdrebeth it was typo. But at the end of the day you guys are awesome. Thanks for the help. Right now I am getting beck and forth with support staff. Regarding issue with GF and missing material by the mean time any suggestions for non proofgrade material from lowes or home depot? Any help is appreciated thanks a lot.

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No the crumb tray is empty. And not bright light.

Sure. I’ve used Revolution Ply and the settings for medium maple ply. Also the 1/8" MDF underlayment (smooth one side, pebbled on the other) works okay using the medium draftboard settings.

If you have a Woodcraft nearby you can get 3mm Baltic Birch that lasers very well (again similar to med maple ply).


Thanks so much for your patience! I’m sorry to hear your shipment arrived incomplete. Your replacement Starter Pack will ship to you soon and I’ve followed up to your email with the details.

Since the team is working on this by email, I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know there, or start a new topic.

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