Missing Referral Issue

I have been working with a gentleman that was interested in purchasing a Glowforge for his school. Once he was ready to make his purchase he asked for my referral link to be emailed to his secretary. I sent the link, she placed the order. I have not been notified of the referral bonus yet. After seeing a few posts about missing referrals I wanted to make sure everything was in order. Is it possible to confirm this?

If they actually used your referral code, it should be listed in your account under referrals. You might want to verify that they did use your code—sometimes the person placing the order gets confused.

The referral isn’t listed in my account. I have verified they used my link. Clicked the link directly and placed the order. Received the discount, but nothing showing on my end

How long ago did this happen?

I ask because in the past, I did not receive referral credits that showed up to my account until the person buying the units had actually accepted delivery of the units. (They have to wait to issue credits until then in case someone cancels an order before delivery.)

You should receive an email notifying you of the credit and giving you the option at the bottom to convert it to cash. But that will happen after the unit ships.

They placed the order over a week ago. I’ve gotten referrals before, so I know the credit doesn’t appear until the unit ships, but you get an email when the order is placed too. I haven’t received anything yet

A week in GF time?

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Well, this is the correct place to ask them to check on it so they’ll get back to you when they have the information.

I had an issue when I bought my GF. Although it clearly said the name of the person behind the link when I purchased, it didn’t show up later because I didn’t get the discount… I emailed them and they were able to credit it. Did the school get the discount? If not, it might make sense for them to email.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.