Missing second and third box

Hi All,

I received my GF today a little earlier than expected. I was so excited! I never got an email it was coming or it was here. I have a private mailbox at the UPS store and was picking up multiple deliveries when they told me I had a large, heavy box. To my delight, it was my GF Pro!!! Only thing is, the power cord wasn’t in the GF as indicated in the setup instructions. I do have my printer head and safety glasses.

So, where is my accessory box? Do any of you have experience in how delayed after GF delivery this can come? It’s just hard to sit here and look at it!!! I’m assuming the power cord will be in one of these boxes coming and the setup just needs to be updated…?

Oh dear, the wait continues. Your experiences in this multi-box process?


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Patience grasshopper! My accessory box came first. No warning. :sunglasses:

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The power cord is the same type of cord used on most computers but should be in the next box you receive as @lightner said patience grasshopper…

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Me? I would yank the power cord off the kid’s computer! “Comere boy, check this out”!
Don’t speak of patience, I spent it all waiting on this thing!


There were several people on the FB group who never received a power cord, just as an FYI.

In terms of the other box, sign up for UPS My Choice and you can see what packages are due to be delivered.

Uhhh, yeah. I probably would too. (Still need the tray though.) :smile:

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Gah, that’s a shame. I can manage with another power cord but other things are included in that pack that are needed (e.g., the tray). Would seem odd to not provide it though. I do have UPS MyChoice and nothing in the next week is listed. Do these packages often come 1+ week apart?

It. is. so. hard. Thanks for the comments, all! I will try to be patient!

You’ve opened a support ticket just by posting here, so hopefully they can look into it. If it was shipped to you, it should be on UPS MyChoice.

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I did a search and followed some advice from a year ago. I looked up the tracking number from the packing slip and saw that there is a second package arriving on Tuesday. I can definitely wait a couple more days. Thanks all for the answers. I hope to add more value to these forums as time goes by!


Good news! Hard to wait, but worth it. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry you didn’t receive tracking information sooner. I just followed up in an email with more details on your Accessory Kit, so I’m going to close this thread.