Missing snapmarks on refubished machine

I don’t see any recent posts about snapmarks being removed or losing access with a refurbished machine. I’m kind of cranky about this - I have a lot of things set up with jigs/snapmarks so that I can repeat certain files with accuracy. I am paying for Premium as well, so if that’s supposed to be part of my subscription it sure isn’t there. I messaged support, but I can’t find the email confirmation, nor have I gotten a response. I tried to go through support today but kept getting the email/password not recognized reply. Aren’t they the same as when you log in? I’m trying very hard not to get angry about this too but I’m so frustrated right now I could scream. Anyone have any insight to share? Thanks!


Snapmarks never got beyond beta and have not been supported for quite some time.


Snapmarks ceased being supported a long time ago (maybe a couple years ago, now?)…someone else may chime in that has a more specific timeline. Many machines never had it…and some that did, still have it. My Glowforge is going on 6 years old, soon. I had snapmarks and probably still do, though I never use them anymore. It would not surprise me in the least that a refurbished machine would not have them.


And sometimes you got lucky with a replacement that also had the right combination of machine build characteristics that let you “keep” Snapmarks.


There was a recent discussion about losing snapmarks when just replacing the print head.

I added that my replacement machine does not have them, although my original machine that I had for over 5 years is still listed in the UI, and if I select it, they show up there. Not that it matters, that machine is gone now.

It’s interesting because the alignment on the new machine is far better than I ever had with my original. I never used snapmarks much anyway, so it’s no matter now.


The login to the forum is (or can be) different than the login to your laser - the login to support is the login to your laser.


Thanks, I thought it was weird that it wouldn’t log in…


I chatted with support today. They are going to enable the snapmarks on my machine. I suppose that’s the deal - if you had them before and end up with a refurbished machine, talk to them and see if they can add it to your new setup. Here’s hoping it works!


That’s good news! Back during the active beta we were told not all machines were physically eligible so it’s nice to hear there’s hope.


They were able to put the snapmarks on my new machine! I’m very happy about that - I have a couple of cut files that are super fiddly and need to align to a print for cutting. The snapmarks make this possible. I was dreading having to figure out how to make it work without them. Phew. Now I can just move forward. Thanks everyone for your help.


That is so encouraging to hear! I’m a day-one Pro user and was able to build a business around using Snapmarks for print/cut illustrated designs. I’ve always been both thankful to have the beta feature and terrified of losing it should my machine die on me… knock on wood. I’ve had a hard time understanding why they dropped support for the feature, as it’s tremendously useful and reliable for pro-level users, if not the novice that much of the newer features and marketplace cater to. I would even pay for premium subscription just to ensure I would have access to it indefinitely.


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