Missing Trace Image

The last 3 images I uploaded with trace function are not showing up in their boxes on the home screen. They each have a box and they load, but there is nothing in the preview box. Any ideas?

happens all the time on a regular design. I never use Trace. Can’t remember whether it requires time, or a log out, or a refresh for the designs to show up… Eventually they appear. Again, not sure about the Trace designs.

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I was under the impression that traces aren’t saved, I’m not sure.

Traces are saved if you initiate them from the home screen. Anything added via “Add Artwork” only survives as long as the browser session.



I have some really thin drawings that completely wash out in the thumbnail so they don’t ever show up. They work fine though.

For darker traces, like @rpegg, it also took some time for them to populate (perhaps after a refresh? I don’t remember)

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That was what my previous post was about, and that part is working. They save as long as its from the Home screen, but now the little preview image of the design is missing from its box. I can open the design and it appears in the bed image, but the preview image is missing. I can also change the image from trace. I’ll try a re log-in.

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Sometimes it takes a browser refresh to show up…

I find that whether the thumbnail shows up in the box is pretty random, sometimes for other stuff too. The resize algorithm, well. This is why the rename option is your friend.

Thank you for letting me know. I’m so sorry those aren’t showing up.

I’m looking into it.