Missing vector information in cut

Afternoon all,

sadly I write my first post to report a problem and seek a solution,

I have a simple 1 layer file with multiple vectors in a single group. The group was then copied and rotated 180 degrees.

in the GFUI the full design highlights when selected. however the laser did not cut every vector. It seems to have picked some over others with no discernible patterns.

Is the machine not receiving the full cut file? or is getting corrupted along the say?

As this is a unique piece of wood i am cutting on that has been milled before hand i cannot simply put a new piece in and try and re cut.

I will have to pain painstakingly find each and every missed vector and replace it in a new file and hope i can align it back with 100% accuracy.

Unsure how this could have accrued.

To be clear, you copied and rotated the artwork in the Glowforge app, or in your image editor?

*update, successfully found and made new file for missing parts, re-ran print and was able to get ok alignment. new file was no different then old, just without the parts that already printed. My only thought on what happend is the machine did not receive all data and instead of giving an error cut anyway.

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in my image editor ( Illustrator)

There has been some speculation that pressing “print” before a complex image has completely rendered in the GFUI might only send the parts that have been rendered to be processed.

Might that have been the case here?


Might have, as I hit the print button basically as soon as it turned white. I have another side to test in a moment with a new fresh restart, Fresh alignment, and fresh GFUI upload. I will give it a min or 2 before hitting the print and report back.

I meant the “print” button on the computer, not the white glowing button on the Glowforge.

I see, I was watching the highlighted areas and it does look like it is taking several minutes to fully turn pink. Will wait till its fully “loaded” and b4 the next cut

As in, in a particularly complex design, it can appear to “run through” the design turning from a frayed outline to colors, like it’s taking a minute to process all of the design elements.

If there is a timing bug, it would be nice to get an ironclad repro. A person can make enough mistakes when everything is running right, needing to work around software issues that can waste materials is a real drag.

  • update
    Second time same file, waited for all parts to turn pink before hitting print and everything came out great.

From this point on, with multi part vectors I am going to be sure to give the app enough time before printing.


Only anecdotal at this point. Not even sure the evidence has reached the speculative stage. Not saying that it isn’t. Just no one has done testing to see if it is.


Going to the basics again just because I’ve not seen skipping behavior like this unless there are bitmaps involved or something else in the file interfering. You do say the file is completely filled closed shape vectors? Did you use clone or copy and paste to repeat?

Not any more: