Missouri pendant

At my last craft fair someone had requested a Missouri pendant. I think the prototype came out pretty cute!


Nicely done!

How small is it? Looks teeny tiny - so cute!

It’s about 3/4" tall by about 1/2" wide, so dainty! :slight_smile:


Nice. Is the heart meant to be over a particular town? (Maybe Columbia?)

I believe Columbia is on the west side of the state. I’m from Missouri and the closest major metro to that heart is St. Louis.

Actually the heart is in the location of Jefferson City, the state capital of Missouri.


Well it’s supposed to be since that’s where I live, but others have differing opinions. :wink:


Made a day trip to JC from ATL via BLV for an hour long meeting years back. Long day!

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I live near Kansas City, but grew up in northern mid-Missouri. That is why I guessed Columbia.

And I think you got the location right (just above Jefferson City):

Your right. I grew up in Joplin and for some reason my childhood brain remember it being more westerly and north of Carthage. What was I thinking…

Sorry you are right. I was thinking it was a generic design you had gotten from someone and the ones that I had seen offered usually had the heart over the capital. I should read the entire post before I open my mouth.

If anyone needs to familiarize themselves with the local geography, I hear Missouri loves company. Lake of the Ozarks in particular is a great hidden gem — it’s been far too long since I visited.


Lake of the Ozarks is a great place…happens to be where i live :heart: