Mistake on my part

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I’m sure Support will respond but maybe not today. Noticed a location pin that says CA on it in your profile. Don’t know whether that means California or Canada. The banner says U.S. Orders. If you are located in Canada the company is not shipping to that country yet. What does your estimated shipping date say? Should be able to see it under https://glowforge.com/account


I’m less than an hour from there shipping facility

And it says December 4 for my shipping which doesn’t make since if I was suppose to be shipped already

OK, understood. When you say you ordered between Day 22 and Day 23 you are saying that the order date listed in the account history shows an order date of Oct 16th 2015 or earlier? The banner says day 24 but that would just mean they have begun to email some from Oct 17th. Not saying there isn’t an error or problem on the part of the company just making sure there isn’t confusion.

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October 18th that was day 22 or 23 depending on time zone

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Hmmm. Not arguing with you but also don’t want anyone to have incorrect data.

Sept 24th 2015 was day 1, The 25th was Day 2

Sept 24,25,26,27,28,29,30
Oct 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 = 24 days

Oct 18 is day 25.

That’s OK. It’s not unusual for folks to count the days between two dates instead of the actual day number. BTW: GF uses Pacific Tiime Zone as the only time zone. Doesn’t matter where you ordered from for the hour or day.


ok if actual order date started 24 then i will go off that the one dan posted a while ago said the official launch date was the 26th so ill go by yours

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Yeah just a misunderstanding or incorrect date posted somewhere. I ordered on Sept 24th at 2:48pm Pacific Time according to my account history and Original email.


thank you for your help


It does seem odd that your estimated date is Dec. 4 if you ordered on day 25, and they are currently shipping day 24… unless they ground Basics to a halt? Which seems feasible given how Pro’s are now 5 days ahead of Basics.

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Our systems show your order on Day 26. We’re only shipping Day 24, so you haven’t received your email yet.