Mistyped thickness and -- found GF's secret math joke!


I usually use 3 mm MDF, uncertified, so now and then I have to click on UNKNOWN / use uncertified material and enter the thickness.

Today my finger slipped and instead of typing ‘3’ I typed ‘e’. It corrected my thickness to 2.72 mm.

Bravo! clap clap clap!


Go to the gear symbol in the app. Select cm instead of inches. Your entries will be shown in mm and you can just type the number without conversion. You can also add in or mm to the end of the number to avoid conversions.


The conversion I’m laughing about is converting ‘e’ to 2.72. This is the mathematical value of e, Euler’s constant.


What happens with i??


What happens with i? I can’t imagine!


Hehe… try typing in ‘pi’.



…and ‘sqrt(2)’ works! That surprises me. In fact sqrt(anything) seems to work.

And you can type equations… like 3*1.5 evaluates to 4.5. Nice!


Definitely best putting in mm since the max is 0.5 inches – it will just make anything taller default back to 0.5 inches.


They rolled this change out several months ago. I generally type fractions in since my keyboard has a tough time with dots :slight_smile:


I wonder if this is a well known math library? I bet they didn’t build their own equation parser, they probably used a framework that included it or had an add on module. Anyone familiar with anything like that?


Since it’s all google powered it might be something built into that database… or maybe it references to the Wolfram Alpha equation engine. :slight_smile:

Totally works. :slight_smile:


It is indeed an of the shelf library… @Kusmeroglu might know which one.


Indeed I do: https://github.com/josdejong/mathjs is the library I used to implement that - when I set it up to take inputs like “.2 in - .008 mm”, all the math constants came along for the ride, which made for some amusing moments when testing what I thought were non-numerical inputs. I was going to remove the math constants, but they’re pretty fun! :joy: :nerd_face: