Mixed Media

The daughter of a friend my wife met online in the past year is about to celebrate her first birthday. They provided mutual support to one another as our babies endured different medical issues. So my wife asked me to make her daughter something special with the GF. She could not make up her mind what kind of item to make so she went shopping this afternoon for ideas. She came home with several GF engravable items, for birthday and holiday gifts.

One of the items caught my attention: a 16 × 19 wooden sign painted with the expression “You are my sunshine”. I decided to transform this into a picture frame for engraved tiles.

Using the pass-through slot, I engraved some personalization into the sign itself, which was then painted through masking, cut out a few flourishes and glued them on, and made three tiles which were glued on as well. My wife was very happy with the result.

UPDATE: We shipped the package with the sign off to my wife’s friend this afternoon. This evening, my wife texted her and let her know something was on the way. She then asked what the theme of the birthday party will be next Saturday. Guess… YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. My wife is freaking out, crying.


WOW… That came out beautifully. The tile engraves came out exceptionally well ! (what software do you use to convert photo to engraving?).


Incredible! Love the tile work. :grinning:


Simply amazing! The whole project came together so perfectly, you’d never know that you started with a purchased sign.


An exceptional project! Wow!

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May I ask how you separated the words and put them on the 3 boards in which they all came together? Also how big is that?

I used photoshop to convert to B&W, crop, erase some background, and increase brightness and contrast

The words You are my sunshine were already painted on the purchased sign. Everything else was added

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What a touching story, and what a thoughtful project!

Thankfully, it made its journey across the country via UPS in one piece FB_IMG_1540771757486


Excellent! Beautiful on both counts

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